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2014: The Year of the Seeker

Published Dec 31, 2014

Our lives consist of many circuits comprised of coincidences. The coincidences contrast, as some are in series, repeating one after the other, and some are in parallel, corresponding simultaneous with one another. The connections, small or large, are always there, haunting us as we realize how linked this Earth really is. Heightened awareness, probing imaginations, or just plain gifts allow them to trickle into our daily lives. Sometimes the connections are so robust, it is almost as if we are tigers with a piece of meat slung in front of our nose: driven by appetite, determined to understand.

With this year coming to a close, it deserved a reflection. And, wow, even I was impressed.

2014: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

In numerology, the number 7, among all other numbers, is significant. The year 2014 reduces to 7. I hear you, why is this important again? Coincidences, connections, twists of fate, that’s why.The year 2014 represents the Life Path Number of 7.

Based on one’s birthday, Life Path Numbers can be assigned. To calculate your Life Path Number, you must simplify each part of your birthday down to a single digit, add them together, and reduce until a single digit remains. For example: Birthday of May 17, 1983


May: 5

17th: 1+7 = 8

1983: 1+9+8+3= 21: (2+1)= 3

5+8+3=  16: (1+6) = 7    Path Number Seven

More specifically, this Life Path Number 7 can be described as the number of a seeker. A seeker desires to find, discover, and pursue ideals beyond the normal thought in which one can become aware of their spiritual being, to investigate the unknown. Life Path Number 7 people are highly capable of handling any task; possessing a fine mind with analytical and creative thought, gifted in not only research but are also given the ability to produce highly practical solutions to problems.

A Life Path Number 7 was sitting right in front of me, analyzing daily life, watching people and their way of going about their days, always in quest of the most information. I lived this whole year without the knowledge of my closest seeker. Calculating my Life Path Number, I found it was me. I have a birthday equal to 7. This was my year, and I didn't even know it.

My year was characterized by many endings, yet many beginnings. I finished my last year of collegiate sports, leaving my lacrosse stick and soccer shin guards as I walked away from the best four years in each of my careers. While proud of my accomplishments and truly amazed by how athletics positively molded me, the idea of putting on my #7 jersey still gives me game day excitement that can never be matched by anything. I finished my undergraduate degree, walking across the stage holding up my Physics degree like it was a piece of gold. However, despite these endings, I had other dreams, focuses, and desires. I began graduate school, completing my very first semester with the best standing I have ever had and tallying a total of zero all-nighters. I began to run, completing my very first half marathon and tallying a total of 511 miles for 2014. I began to blog, completing my very first post titled The Way To Happiness and tallying a total reach of approximately 7,000 views over the course of SEVEN months. Endings and beginnings, once again, came back to me in family by the passing of a very dear aunt and the birth of a very precious cousin.

The year of a seeker was just that: it was sought after, pursued, and hunted. I hunted after things, people, and ideas that would open my mind. I sought after that one page in a book that makes all the reading worthwhile. I pursued every lead, looking back only in reflection, as the coincidences just fell together. This year I did what was meant to be: I sought after me.

My greatest accomplishment of 2014 had everything to do with being a Life Path Number 7 and nothing to do with tangible objects, popularity, or athleticism. In 2014, I accomplished seeking me.

Looking forward, 2015 is the year of Life Path Number 8. A year filled with fire, with passion, with complete expression of who you became in 2014. We, as humans, get to zero in on our personal passions and bring them to fulfillment. Whether it is your health, your career, your relationships, your business or public services, may your 2015 be filled with positive passion, and of course, filled, always, with happiness.

Happy New Year 2015: The Year of Fervor, Enthusiasm, and Desire

-Happiness in Handfulls

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