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Age is NOT a Number

Originally Published: Jul 30, 2014

Who ever came up with the saying, "Age is just a number"? Well agreed, "age" is a number. I am 22. My sister is 17, etc. "Age" is a state of being, length of existence, or stage of life.

We have the terrible "twos". So you are 2 years old and you have horrible crying fits and attitude, and then the minute you turn 3, it's over? YEAH, we wish. We have the teen"age" years. The day you turn 13, man, you are fighting with your parents and being rebellious, and your last day at age 19 is filled with sneaking out and being destructive? I doubt it. In the United States, the "age" of 21 is marked with the ability to buy and drink alcoholic drinks. Who says we are ready on that exact day? We also have the day you turn the "age" 55, all of a sudden being eligible for AARP. All of these landmarks are indicators of "age" as a number.

Yeah, like I said I am 22. I am older now than when I wrote that the first time, but still 22. Six months from now, I'll be quite a bit older, but I will still be 22. So, this is why I believe our calculation of "age" and it's correlation with acceptable behaviors at that "age" are flawed.

They say the best years of life are your college years. Well, that's just great for me! I am finished with the "best years of my life". But they are wrong. With a little balance and change of mind, the "best years of your life" are all the years you are alive. Regret matched with growing older is a lethal combination which will only result in loss of happiness. This privilege of growing older is denied to many. You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.

Honestly, It's simple. Here is the calculation for the happiest year of your life.

(your age) + 20 - (3 x 7) + 11 - 8 + (2 x 4) - 10 = (your "best" year)


Forget your "age", it doesn't matter. Happiness is not a number.

Live thinking like this....

The Happiness in Handfulls Dictionary

AGE: (noun) how old I would be if I didn't know how old I was now


AND you will be the happiest you could ever be, at whatever "age" you are.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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