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be THAT well

Published: Sep 16, 2015

“Be who you are, and be THAT well,” expresses the lecturer as my eyes go from glazed over to focused. She explains, “Students don’t need told what the person before them has accomplished. They need to know what they can accomplish.” While inspired, I sat back. She has a point.

Our entire lives are built on prototypes, models of what others have done before us, and what is expected is driven by building on what has already been done.

The world encourages leadership, but strictly demands you to follow.

“Why aren’t you like her?” “You should try to be like him.”

"This concept was proven by so and so.” “By this age, you should be doing x, y, z...”

Consistency in these questions has us relying on it as normal, believing it is how it should be, and trusting that if we abide we will succeed. But, honestly, who ever took the route most travelled and truly did something significant? Maybe the lucky few, but unfamiliarity in a task at hand, stepping outside the comfort zone, and removing all previous expectation can be very beneficial.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. It doesn’t even have to be wonderful, because if you are you then there is nothing else it can be. But who is you?

What do you think about when you first wake up?

What do you think about when your world suddenly halts?

Where do you find your passions?

What things make your time pass quickly?

Who stimulates you, impresses you, and drives you to be your best?

What is your favorite color, favorite activity, and favorite subject?

That is you. Hello, welcome. nice you meet you.

Now that we have all been introduced, you only need one phrase of advice.

Be THAT well.

Wake up every morning and think that today is the day to surprise yourself. When your world halts, remember how precious life is and remember the small things you enjoy.  Your passions, continue to pursue them, always. Time goes by fast, but wouldn’t you rather your time fly then stay stagnet and unexciting? Keep up the pace. The person who stimulates you, supports you, and drives you, KEEP them. Your interests are you. They make you unique and special.

There is never a shoe size that fits all, never a food that everyone will like, and never ‘one way’ to lead a good life. However, while this may be true, there a million shoes that will fit, a million foods to try, and a million ways to lead a good life.

Your path is within you. Allow the path to create itself by being just who you are. Because come on, “Be who you are, and be THAT well”.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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