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Be the Sea

Published: May 14, 2015

Part of me is filled with overflowing words and part of me is embarrassingly shy. I long for solitude but I also crave people. I want to pour life and love into everything I do, yet also nurture myself and give myself down time. I want to live within the rush of original, spontaneous decision, yet also yearn for time to sit and contemplate. This is the muddle of life- that we all carry multitudes of pickles: needing one thing, while simultaneously needing the other. We are complicated creatures, and ultimately, the balance comes with this understanding. Be the ocean, the river, the creek. Be water: flowing, bendable and soft, powerful and open, wild and serene. Be able to accept all challenges yet still be led by the pull of the strong tides. It is enough, I promise.

The ocean is vast and wide. Crossing the ocean is meant for the strong, the steady, and those with a sense of direction, but that doesn’t mean it is exclusive. The ocean accepts anyone willing to set out to cross it. Most importantly, you can never cross the ocean without losing sight of the shore. Once the shore has been left, don’t turn back, but only forward as you desire for your next obstacle and your next shore. Think of the sea as deep as it is, filled with secrets, adventures and vitamins. I need my Vitamin Sea, and so do you.

The ocean has parts, sections, and bodies. There is nothing wrong with looking at the surface of the ocean. Underneath the surface swims the beautiful creatures, the plants that feed the world, and the depths that seem to extend for miles. But, when you finally look underneath, you realize you have been missing out the whole time. The same is true for you. You may be beautiful on the surface, but when you look underneath the surface you realize the most beautiful thing is someone people may never see.  You are not one drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in one drop.

I like to surround myself with the sea. I like to encompass as much discovery as I can. I invite friendship with anyone I meet, and I challenge the friends who have been with me for many years. Why? Because we are the sea, we are the ocean. The ocean must extend its wings, it must never settle its waves, and it must continue to ripple. This is the chaos that haunts many people, but excites me. This is the mayhem that could send some backwards, but will only propel us forward.

Life has a way of testing our anchors and it allows us to suddenly drift. This is tempting, because nothing ever happened to the person who drifted right? Right, NOTHING ever happened. Our lives were not meant for nothing. Each person walks this Earth with a part of the Sea. They walk with a purpose, they were placed here to create a wave, and I know you were brought to me to make a splash.

Life’s a wave, go catch it.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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