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Originally Published: Jun 10, 2014


There is a time and a place,

When one creates or disintegrates

A friend, a partner, a voice that speaks,

To something more than just greets.

These friends are mighty, lasting, and strong.

They often make you feel as if you belong.

Grow by night or decay by day,

Some may go and some may stay.

Always may be too strong a term,

But, in reality, it's not if you learn

That true friends will always be there.

Always, Always, fair and square.

They may not like a boy or girl.

They may not like the way you twirl.

They may not answer every call.

They may not chase every ball.

But, when a world is turned around,

They are there to make it sound.

They are there to talk it out.

They are there to rain the drought.

These hands pictured are my girls.

They make me laugh, and show my pearls.

Because they know me in and out,

And I know that without a doubt.

Love to each, and smiles by day

Because each is so far away.

That's one more thing I know.

Distance doesn't cut it, that's just low.

And as I think, I think of you.

Friends forever, through and through.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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