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Published: Aug 24, 2015

It is summer, we have either been to the beach, seen people at the beach, or just imagined it. There is always something about summer and water that just get connected. Hydro is water, H20, or Dihydrogen Monoxide… Our world is full of it, swimming with it, bathing beside it. Water is a resource we all think so little about, but when it is gone, we search for it. Water to me is the key; and surprisingly, I have only recently become part of the bandwagon.

But this is not about water, itself; it is about what water can do for us.

It can clean us, give us life, make us meals, and green our Earth. Yes. But what can it really DO.

Besides the hydration of our cells, the combinations of shampoo in the shower, and the droplets of rain, WATER is the more important chemical reaction we could ever have. The process of breaking down something with water is hydrolysis. I could hydrolyze sugar into glucose and fructose, just for a common example. How cool. At least, it is cool to me.

But, this, too, is not the final message. Don't worry about the chemical reactions or the science, just about taking one thing and breaking it down into two things.

Imagine if you could hydrolyze items of your choice?

That would be nice.

Like…. Take a tree, pour water on it and receive fruit? Oh wait… we already get that. Take a tree, pour water on it and receive fruit and MONEY? Okayyyy, now we are talking. Money from trees has always been a dream.

Take your skin, hydrolyze it, and what do you get? A lifetime full of youth, radiance, and smiles.

Take your plant, mightly, yet small. Hydrolyze it and find not just one plant but two, then four, and some more.

Take a city block. It could definitely use some.... Hydrolyze it and what do you see? Dirt running down blocks like it was never there and air that could pass as just filtered, I swear.

Take a guy walking on the block. Hydrolyze him into sugar and spice. Aw, its starting to get simple. You can take water and turn anything around.

Take your worst enemy. Hydrolyze them. All they leave is a freshness and novelty, because now you have just a person and a story. Adding water to something can never be worse (at least, well, most of the time).

Wow... water is pretty awesome.

The addition of water is simple. Water is the key to life, and adding it, spreading it, and sharing it is the way we will all succeed. Pouring water on a bad situation can only make it better by allowing the reactions to separate the ingredients into more manageable quantities.

One ingredient at a time can always be dealt with, simply and evenly. Additional ingredients bring complexity to the problem, but with the addition of water at least you can always be happy.

So go out and live the easy way. Live a life of happy hydrolysis.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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