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I Stand 4 Happiness

Published: Dec 9, 2014

"Gente. Descubre tu pasión. Cuando lo hagas, tu corazón te lo hará saber," the words profound and mighty, spoken in front of me as I tried patiently to understand, to comprehend, to magically create an unlimited dictionary de Español en mi cabeza. I attended a church service completely spoken in Spanish. Sure, I have taken a few Spanish courses, lived with a few roommates who spoke Spanish as their primary language, but phew, nothing like this. Well, I told myself as I entered, here goes nothing. Yup, and nothing was not what I found.

So what? What did I find?

Gente: People. No one I knew, but somehow everyone who I wanted to know. Their faces, some smiling, some monotonous, and quite a few just about in between. There is something about these people. The way they stand: confident. The way the words roll off their tongue: beautiful. Each person unique in nature, strong in passion.

Pasión: Passion. Such emotion, almost uncontrollable. The priest continues, “Descrubre tu pasión…” he says, “Discover your passion”. Passion is energy, which can neither be created nor destroyed, existing always as it is converted from one form to another. In order for us to find this energy, we must do. We must do things to find passion.

Cuando la hagas: When you do. Push your limits, not too hard, but enough. Have the end of the day characterized by tiredness, fatigue, and satisfaction that you did all you could do. It could be as simple as taking a walk to the mailbox, or as challenging as starting a business. It could be as comforting as inviting a friend for coffee or as stimulating as introducing yourself to someone new.  Doing is mechanical energy, broken down between the kinetic and potential, moving and stored, dynamic and impending. Move as your heart desires, store all the memories you were made to keep. Feel the heartbeat.

Corazón: Heart. Your heart drives your body in more than one way. We all have one and it may be on the left side of your body, but it is right. A good, beautiful heart can bring you things not a penny could buy. Listen to it, it knows the way.

Saber, to know. I do not know everything, but I do know something. I know this.

“Gente. Descubre tu pasión. Cuando lo hagas, tu corazón te lo hará saber."

"People, discover your passion. When you do, your heart will let you know.”

Here inside this church I did not find my passion, only because this passion I have known. I found what I have always dreamed of discovering. Among these people, beating and excited as I observed energy run though my veins, I found my heart. My heart let me know that I am on the right path. It cleared my vision, it gave me a feeling of warmth, and it let me hear the peace. It let me discover that I am standing for something that can never be in excess. I stand because if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

I stand for this when people say I can't.

I stand because I can't assume someone else will.

I stand to be the candle that creates it, the mirror that reflects it, and the particle that scatters it.

I stand because I'm crazy enough to believe the world can change.

I stand for this because this is what I want to stand ON.

I want to stand on a world filled with this, glowing with this, bursting with this.

My passion, I stand for my passion.

I stand 4 happiness.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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