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It's Not About The Pants

Originally Published: Jun 23, 2014

Urban dictionary (I know, credible, right?) states that a "relationship" is:

"The ability to put with someone, usually of the opposite sex, for long periods of time."

"A trap."

"Doomed from the start."

Where is the compatibility, the attraction, the understanding, the love?

Yes, yes, yes, I know it is Urban Dictionary, but it got me thinking. Why would a "relationship" have negative stamps when it is meant for people who genuinely care and like each other?


Relationships are about two things. One, seeing and enjoying the similarities, while two, respecting the differences.


You like a girl...why? She is pretty, intelligent, nice, and a little innocent, right?

You like a guy...why? He is charming, funny, stable, and a little thoughtful, right?


Stereotypical. All of you. Nahh, it is normal. Typically, these are the characteristics we like to find in partners. But man, arn't we supposed to respect the differences?


It has been studied! Relationships actually work best when couples do 4 things.

1. Talk like best friends. 2. Play like children. 3. Fight like spouses. 4. Protect each other like siblings.


Let's face it. We are human. We make mistakes. But no matter what relationships are about always being there for another person, no matter the situation. We all have two hands, and one beating heart, as Ingrid Michaelson would say.


A healthy relationship is like a pair of blue jeans. Been through a lot. May be ripped, but always repaired. Color faded, but always a shade of blue. Holds you tight, protects you from the elements, compliments you. But through it all, you respect the pants, and the pants respect you.

A healthy relationship requires that no SINGLE person wears these pants. They are shared, one size fits all.


Happiness is in the pants. Respect the pants. Both pants.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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