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Living an Exponential Life

May 5, 2014

I have learned that one of the most important qualities of life is life. Adding to it, multiplying by it and why not, let's make it pronounced. Let's make it life2 or e to the life (e^life). Because when you add those exponents, you do increase your life by more than just a few. You increase your life by a walacazoo.

There may not always be sunshine, but after the weather clears there are rainbows. There may not always be money, but with hard work your world will be sunny. There may not always be good fortune, but isn’t fortune just some type of emotion? There may not always be talent, but talent is balance. Balance in your school, your career, and your drills. Balance in your house, your food, and your bills. Balance in free time, extracurriculars, and social skills. Someway or another, we all do it right; we all do just how we outta, we might.

From my past experience, I do also know that life should never be divided, subtracted from, or taken as a root. It shouldn't be taken for less than it is, just more than it's got, because life, life is golden. As golden as the golden egg, hatched and made anew, ready for the next egg that is just as bright as the last, just as shiny as the first, and just as precious as the rest.

To me, life is now. Life was then, and life is when. Life gives you more laughs than does comics, and more tears than does rain. But what life does not do is tear you down. Life never comes between you and your dreams, because life is what you make it, it is not what makes you.

Live your life with no fear of tomorrow, your next mistake, or bad fortune. Live your life with pride in yourself and respect in your peers. Live life like it's over and you are just trotting on by. Enjoy the hot teas and the flowers filled with bees. Enjoy the sunshine when it makes you feel blind. Enjoy when you freeze, because then when you squeeze the next person you realize how special it is. Enjoy, oh please, because you know what will happen?

You will enjoy it some more and some more and some more. You will laugh and smile like you haven't before. You will earn all the money that the world cannot buy because you live and most don't and that will just fly. You will see the mountains and valleys that dreams cannot dream and visions cannot see. You will climb to the top and the top will feel free.

All of this happens because of your life. Because you lived life as positive fractions, as additions of golden plus signs in the sky. You live as a multiplication of life x life. You lived as life2 and that is quite easy to bear. So easy that its trivial, so minor, and small. So small that its easy to take one step today. Take one step further than you did yesterday. Because that step that you took yesterday is one more than today and tomorrow you know what it will be?

Two more than you started with, oh my, can’t you see? See that you are already climbing. You are already closer to the top of the sky. Living life as an exponent has it’s charm, a charm that does no harm.

How in the world could you say no to that? There is no one who should, and no one who shall. Life is so short, let’s give it a ring. A ring so loud all the heavens did sing. They sang until morning, until the sun shown so bright. They sang until night, when all was tucked in tight. They sang forever because they could, yes they can. They can because you live your life as planned. A plan that is easy, so simple, yet unique. A plan that just states the start and the peak. The start being now, or last week, or through birth. A peak that just glimmers in front like an X that we seek. An X which marks the spot that you will go.

So here is today, so simple, yet great.


And here is tomorrow, so drastic, yet strong.


AND there is your peak, so perfect, so happy.

Live your life as an exponent and where will you be? Climbing forever, free, and happy as can be.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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