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Plant A Confidence

Published: Apr 1, 2015

For years, I have known this girl who always took a special interest in trees. Whether it was just sitting in the car watching them go by on the side of the road, or actually viewing them outside her window at home, they were always populating her surroundings. To her, trees were very special, but she had a favorite. It sprouted fruits of all different colors, all different shapes, many sizes and flavors. It had this way of spreading, branching out like it has hands, with the ability to grab on to things. But, most importantly, it had roots, grounding it in one direction, always giving it a home to retreat to in times of need. The roots fed the tree, gave the tree the nutrients that it needs, and helped the tree grow.

This little girl knew, oh yes she did, exactly what she must do. She must grow her own tree. She must do this task by providing a good foundation, giving the seeds plenty of water, and always, always allowing the tree sunlight, everyday. These necessities were very important as the tree would never grow without them.

As the tree grew, so did she. Together they went through a couple storms, broke a few branches, but every time the branches regrew, and they continued to expand, delivering more fruit each year. I'm telling you. These two had a special bond, connected like none before. The tree was given a name and the name is below:

con·fi·dence (känfədəns), the name is familiar. I am sure you have seen it before, more commonly written as Confidence. Her favorite food is trust, self-esteem, and will power. Confidence loves to exhibit forms of happiness, such as positivity, kindness, and loyalty. She doesn't need validation, she loves her decisions, and she believes in herself. Her qualities are learned, while some are given, but they are not absolute. She exists without boundaries, because she can grow infinitely.

Unfortunately, she does, however, have a few enemies. Their names, probably also familiar to you, are Jealousy and Envy. These two just won’t let Confidence go, bothersome and annoying as always, growing along Confidence like thorns. But you know what Confidence does? Confidence has no room for Jealousy and Envy. When one knows they are great, they have no reason for hate.

But Jealousy and Envy were just the beginning. Another enemy, Insecurity, loved to present itself in any way it could. I have learned watching Confidence grow beside Insecurity for years and I have come across a few very important conclusions. Confidence and Insecurity are related; inversely, as one increases the other decreases and vis versa, as there is never an excess in both. Another prominent conclusion I have observed is that Confidence is silent, and Insecurity is loud; Insecurity tries to make you feel smaller and Confidence loves to see you walk taller.

Related they are, and competition is harsh as one always dominates the other. "Why in the world does this have to be the case, this should never be a competition," thought the little girl. She knew the true power of nature; she knew a thorn should never dominate a tree. She called upon that tree, by which she nursed from a mere little seedling, to a full grown Confidence. Her and Confidence make a great team: girl and tree, forever meant to be.

Confidence has an air about it; it's energy is genuinely happy. I warn you because not everyone is going to want, feel, or accept it's positive energy. Make peace with that and keep growing, because you are the only one in charge of how you feel and how you grow.

Confidence is not something we are given in life, it is something we nurse, we grow, and we earn through hard work. Confidence is often met with obstacles, including jealousy, envy, and insecurities. These plants, negative in nature, will try to dominate your garden. But, trust me, you are the one with the key and you are the one who can determine which seeds you would like to plant.

As for the little girl, she set out and with her she brought her tree. She set out to change the world and just by this action, she already has.

So, go and plant a tree. Actually, go and plant a confidence.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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