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Originally Published: Nov 4, 2014

Besides life, the greatest gift my parents gave me was my sister.

My mirror, shining back at me with a world of opportunities, different than me, yet similar.

My witness, who sees me at my best and my worst, no matter what.

My partner in crime.

My midnight companion.

My car-ride boredom reliever.


The person who knows my fake smile from my real one. The person who may not say it, but would fight someone for me. The person who would bite me, instigate me, and yell at me, just because she knew she could. The person who came into this world ready to go, ready to be different, ready to do anything. The day she was born I was promoted to a very special job: big sister.

A sister is a friend who never leaves, no matter how stupid she thinks you are. Sisters have traveled every stage of life together and always will no matter the distance between them. Sisters are, biologically, the closest things to each other. A sister is a little bit of childhood that stays forever, always comes back around, and that can never be lost.




There is always a big sister, which makes them the boss. Nopeee, not always. I take it back.


The famous "don't mess with me" face. Ready to buck, arms crossed, fearless.


They share things in common. If one sister does it, the other one does, too.

"But Mom, SHE gets to do it!"


They definitely think of each other as annoying, stupid, and weird. But, they are okay with it.

"How in the world are we related. You are adopted."


Sisters always seem to dress in funny things.... at least they do it together.

      "DRESS UP!!"


Sometimes they like each other. Only sometimes.

"I'll hug you if I can step on your foot at the same time."


They take selfies together. A lot of them.

We have wayyyy too many.


Sisters do inconceivable things with each other, and only each other.

Like WEAR A RAVENS jersey... (Pittsburgh Fans :) ).


But, sisters are always at each other's side in times of need.

"We are stuck in this cage! Together!"


"Side by side, or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart."

Sisters would do anything and everything to remain who they are. Sisters will be the first to pick each other up, once they are finished laughing. A sister is someone who knows where you have been because she has been with you. She is more than just family; she is a forever friend.

Tell your sisters you appreciate them today, because why not?

K, I'm so happy you are my sister.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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