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Social Networking Fever

Originally Published: Jun 13, 2014

Like this. Favorite that. Snap this. View that. Post this. Comment that.

When we wake up. When we eat. When we shower. When we work out. While in conversation. While in class. While we are out. While we are on vacation. While we drive.

How are you feeling today?

What are you doing today?

Who, what, why, when, where, how?

Everyone does it to a degree. But that degree, that degree is very important.

We've got the Not Activers: do you even own a phone? We have the Too Littlers: I sometimes forget about you, but you pop up here and there. We have the I'm Here but Not Everywherers: I post big things, sometimes little things. I like stuff. I'm here but I'm not HERE. Then we have the Too Muchers: I see ya. Everywhere. Get off my news feed. Finally, we have the Do you Do Anything Elsers: BLOCKED.

I'd like to say I'm in between, I post some, but not excessively. But, this scale, is completely relative. The point is.... Why are we like this?

Our culture has modified popularity as a combination of actual social skills and status with the ability to socially post media online that your followers or friends will also enjoy too.

Everyday is a continuous battle to stay on top of it, when in reality, laying back could be the easiest thing to do. It could be the most sane. It IS the most true.

Regardless of your social status on social networking sites, the world of person to person interactions still does exist. A future boss won't care about how many likes you got on Instagram. A future spouse won't care about how many retweets you got on a tweet. And future you won't even be able to find a post from now on Facebook to see how many likes you got. Your boss... He/she wants to see a motivated, hardworking employee who shows up on time and gets the job done while caring for coworkers and the company. Your spouse... He/she wants a loving, caring, trustworthy partner who they can rely on for anything and everything and they can share memories with. Future you... He/she just wants happiness, true happiness. Not one that is digital. Not friends who are numbers, online users, or followers. True friends.

Be good to you. Be happy for you. Sure, still use it. We must these days, but always remember your phone is not your boss, not your future spouse, and certainly not future you. Go out there and live. You will see what makes you truly happy.

Not a phone. Each other.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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