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The Eyes of the Sky

Originally Published: Jun 3, 2014

While running, I hit a wall at mile 5. One point five miles to go and I'm thinking about the hills I still have to climb and my feet which feel like rocks. I look up to the sky and this is what I see. What seems like two eyes watching me, I realize is a sign.

"Keep going, the end is in sight", I think to myself. As I approach my destination, another sign is offered to me. My sister driving past me in her car. She offers me a ride.

"Nah, I'm good", I stress to her as she continues to drive.

Temptation. But, I have inspiration. Those eyes in the sky. Keep running, they say.

As I cross the finish line at my driveway, I look up. The clouds are closing in the distance and those eyes are shrinking with my increasing happiness of completion. They helped me when I had needed them, and now they must go.

What I learned, had nothing to do with endurance. I learned that happiness can come from so many things, but your eyes must be opened to see them.

Thank you, Eyes in the Sky, you gave me happiness today.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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