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The People of Happiness

Originally Published: Jun 17, 2014

There are people of happiness. People of sadness. People who have no clue where they fit. And, of course, people who fit neither.

Truly, to me, there is no choice.

The 10 ways to be a Happy Person.

1. Smile. Happy people, they smile. Smiling is harder to do than frown, but so worth the extra muscles.

2. Laugh. Now that's contagious. One laugh will create thousands more.

3. Compliment. Not false ones, but true compliments are always a great way to create happiness. For the sender and the receiver. A little goes a long way, but only when it is genuine.

4. Be thankful. Happiness is not given. Be thankful for the things that help create it. Those things are the only way it stays around.

5. Surround yourself with people and things you love. Man, doesn't that sound nice?

6. Be honest. No one likes a liar. A liar doesn't even like a liar. We have all been around them, so we know not to be one. Honesty can get you so far. You'd be surprised at the percentage of people in this world who are nonjudgmental. Honesty is the only option.

7. Live in the now. Yes, learn from the past and prepare for the future, but it is called the present because this moment, every moment, is a gift.

8. Always view the good. Yes, always. The bad only gets us going backwards.

9. Love your enemies. What's better than feeling empathy for people who have hurt you, hurt others, or hurt themselves? They need happiness more than the rest of us. Take some of their burden and spread the love, because who knows, they might have it harder than you think.

10. Find happiness, always. Happy people just find happy things and happiness. Don't cut yourself short, you can too.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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