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Welcome Fall, Welcome.

Originally Published: Sep 24, 2014

Fall has never been my favorite season, but lately I have considered how nice the weather feels, how easily I can run in the cool breeze, and how the colors make this world feel neutral.

Have you ever met a pumpkin you didn't like? A tree whose changing leaves were not pretty? A sweater that was not comfy? Actually, I think I have had an uncomfortable sweater, but that's beside the point.

So in honor of fall, here is a list of my top things that I love to do in this season, with a little help to make them happier.

- Apple picking and apple pie (Remember that a good apple is a good taste, a crisp bite, and a sweet feeling. Pick your own apple, search for a recipe, and make your own cider or apple pie!)

- Hayrides and haunted houses (Who doesn't love a hayride?! Okay, maybe if you are allergic to hay, I get it. But, there is just something about going on a hayride or attending a haunted house that just makes me so happy. It is also a good way to spread the seasonal joy with your friends and family.)

-Crisp air and crunchy leaves (Why is it so enjoyable to step on crunchy leaves? If you never have, do it, it is so fun. The crisp air is breathable, and refreshing. These just lead to happiness.)

- Cuddling up on the couch watching scary movies (Don't want to go outside? Trust me, sometimes autumn can get pretty chilly. Why not curl up on the couch with your favorite popcorn, candy corn, or just plain corn, and pop in a scary movie. If you don't have any, turn on your TV to ABC family. They always have a line of Halloween classics set up in October!)

- Warm coffee and tea (Ahh, I can feel it now. The feeling of warmth entering your body in the form of a hot vanilla or chocolate. There is nothing better in the chilly weather than a happy hot coffee or tea.)

- Trick-or-treating (No, I do not trick-or-treat anymore. But, I do love watching all the children having fun and seeing how creative their costumes are. I always find a little joy in researching how to make costumes home-made, or unique crafty ideas to make Halloween decorations.)

- Leaves changing colors ( Now, this just screams Fall. I suggest bringing a chair, sitting outside and just enjoying the moment. Maybe bring your camera, you never know the colors you may see! Another crafty idea is to find a leaf you enjoy, and preserve it in wax paper.)

- Scarves, mittens, boots (...oh my! My favorite clothing accessories. Nothing better than being able to spice up your look with a bright (or neutral) scarf or mitten. And boot weather is just the happiest. Find a pair of boots that make you feel comfortable first, suitable second, and finally, confident!)

- Bonfires (Spice up your flaming fires with some s'mores or treats.)

-Football games (Whether you are a sports fan, or not, there is always a way to get involved with your local team or even professional team.)

- Long, nice walks or runs (There is nothing better than getting outside and exercising. You don't have to go far, but take a walk or a run. You will see that after you are refreshed, happy, and re energized. Plus, the weather is tolerable, too!)

-Thanksgiving (Lastly, but most importantly, is the holiday of Thanksgiving. Enjoy it with everyone you can, and try to use that day as pure enjoyment. Give thanks, count your blessings, eat pumpkin pie, spend it with family, have turkey, and be grateful. You will be happy.)

Fall is the time of year where nature bursts with it's last beauty, as if it waited all year for a last finale. It is the time of year where we give thanks to the people we love and the opportunities we have been given. Fall is summer waving goodbye, and the year's last, loveliest smile.

Regardless of your price range, or time frame, you can do some of these happiness producing fall events. Every leaf speaks bliss when it falls from an autumn tree. Be calm, and enjoy this day and many autumn days to come.

-Happiness in Handfulls

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